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The Waseca Area United Way.


The Waseca Area United Way has its roots in a volunteer movement to raise funds for health and human needs services for socially and economically disadvantaged area residents of all ages. As this movement grew in effectiveness and impact, cooperative efforts among local charitable organizations, government, educational institutions, and businesses led to the incorporation in 1956 as the Community Welfare Federation. The organization, which became the Waseca United Fund and later the Waseca Area United Way, has continued its work without interruption in the Community. Fund-raising has increased from a meager amount to nearly $200,000 in the 2000 Campaign.

Articles of Incorporation and current By-Laws were created in 1994 to qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. 


The Waseca Area United Way's year-round strategic focus has been on increasing community awareness of the benefits to individuals of agency programs that address youth development, senior services, and family resources that offer counseling, emergency assistance, and health, education, and advocacy. The mission of the Waseca Area United Way is to access, fund, and monitor the funded human care services to effectively support the needs of the community. The 2000 Waseca Area United Way goals and objectives reflect this intention to ensure that allocation and fund-raising activities are effective in helping people in our community to live up to their full potential.


The current Executive Director's position was defined by the Board of Directors at its May 1995 meeting as a full time position. The Executive Director reports to the 24 members of the Board of Directors, who sever as volunteer managers of the Waseca Area United Way and are responsible for its functions. The key volunteer positions are: President, Vice-President, Past President, Allocations Chair, Campaign Chair and Publicity Chair.

Waseca Area United Way operations are streamlined to ensure the minimum administrative cost per donor dollar. Assets consists of an electric typewriter, personal computer, metal storage cabinet, a four drawer file, and a laser printer. These items are located and used in the home of the Executive Director, who also uses her own telephone line for United Way business. Meetings are held in conference rooms of local businesses and institutions, some of which also donate clerical time and incidental copies for campaign and administrative purposes. The advantage of this lean operations approach are its low cost and its Community investment.



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